Partners in Awareness

Immunodeficiency Canada is working to spread awareness, help find cures and support those who suffer from Primary Immunodeficiency as well as their families. As part of our Partner in Awareness program we are asking for your help to raise awareness and raise money to support educational programs.

Participation in Partners in Awareness could take many forms. At the most basic level we would like to add your contact information to our database, and ask that you join or link to us on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn and sign up for our newsletter. Your organization may also:

– Disseminate our 10 Warning Signs to colleagues or customers
– Hold an awareness day
– Host a fundraising event
– Donate directly to help us do our work

We can provide speakers to help with events and also provide exposure on our website, social media and newsletter before, during and after your organization’s involvement.

Wouldn’t it feel great to know that your organization’s involvement could help someone with a Primary Immunodeficiency.

Download information on Partners in Awareness Package

Email us at  and say my organization wants to get involved.

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