Partners in Awareness

The Challenge

70-90% of Primary Immunodeficiency is undiagnosed.

That is because PI is missed. Masked by common symptoms, recurrent infections mostly, things like sinus and ear infections, pneumonias, doctors treat the “harmless” symptoms, missing the “deadly” cause.

Untreated, PI can do irreparable damage, insidiously, over time. It can destroy vital organs and, in the most severe cases, cause death.

Our Solution: Partners in Awareness

Simply by sharing the internationally recognized 10 Warning Signs of PI for everyone from infant to senior, we can help prevent and treat illness, improve and prolong lives.

First “Partner in Awareness”

As a direct result of the actions of our first corporate “Partner in Awareness”, Terrence Ho and Bombardier’s Toronto Site team, one individual (one family) has vital knowledge and access to life improving, life saving treatment.  It’s a start.

Who Is Our Next Corporate “Partner in Awareness”? 

For more information about the corporate “Partner in Awareness” program,

contact Richard Thompson, CEO

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