Partners in Awareness

Announcing our FIRST corporate “Partner in Awareness” –  Terrence Ho

“Less than a week after Terrence Ho and Bombardier’s Toronto Site Team shared the 10 Warning Signs of Primary Immunodeficiency (PI) with 4000 colleagues as part of their monthly Jeans Day, I received a call from someone who needed help,” said Richard Thompson, CEO of Immunodeficiency Canada.

That individual had been diagnosed with a disease 6 years prior. After seeing the 10 Warning Signs, s/he wanted to know if his/her disease was a Primary Immunodeficiency, and if so, whether treatment was available. The answer to both questions: YES.

The caller had been dealing with the diagnosis for six years, and the disease from birth, but was uninformed and unaware. Uninformed that s/he had a PI – in this case a rare and lethal kind – and unaware that it was treatable. The doctor had said ONLY symptoms could be addressed.

So, What is PI?

In plain language, PI refers to a missing or broken immune system. It is genetic. You are born with it. 1 in 1200 has it. Over 250 kinds – ranging in severity – are recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO).

The Problem

70-90% of Primary Immunodeficiency is undiagnosed.

That is because PI is missed. Masked by common symptoms, recurrent infections mostly, things like sinus and ear infections, pneumonias, doctors treat the “harmless” symptoms, missing the “deadly” cause.

Untreated, PI can do irreparable damage, insidiously, over time. It can destroy vital organs and, in the most severe cases, cause death.

One Solution: Partners in Awareness

Immunodeficiency Canada is the only Canadian national registered charity focused on patient support, education and research to cure Primary Immunodeficiency. We are building a corporate “Partner in Awareness” program for the caller in this story and people of all ages who have PI, but don’t know it.

Simply by sharing the internationally recognized 10 Warning Signs of PI for everyone from infant to senior, we can help prevent and treat illness, improve and prolong lives.

First “Partner in Awareness”

As a direct result of the actions of our first corporate “Partner in Awareness”, Terrence Ho and Bombardier’s Toronto Site team, one individual (one family) has vital knowledge and access to life improving, life saving treatment.  It’s a start.

Way to go, Terrence!  Thank you for helping to break new ground.

Who Is Our Next Corporate “Partner in Awareness”? Is It You?

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