Fellow Training Program

Immunodeficiency Canada-Grifols Fellow Training Program

The Immunodeficiency Canada-Grifols Fellow Training Program provides financial aid to trainees in Canadian Allergy and Clinical Immunology training programs who wish to expand their education in immunodeficiency disorders. The intent of the program is to support immunology trainees who plan to practice in Canada upon completion of their studies. Applications can be made for rotations at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, Saint Justine or the Montreal Children’s Hospital. Specific arrangements must be made with the home and host institution Training Program Directors before applying. Only after full agreement of the rotation by all parties can a fellow apply to the Immunodeficiency Canada-Grifols Fellow Training Program. Financial support is restricted to one application per candidate due to limited funding.

Download: Fellow Training Program Application

Fellowships have been provided to:

  • Zainab Abdurrahman – Hamilton, ON
  • Dominic Arunmozhi – London, ON
  • Rozita Borici-Mazi – Kingston, ON
  • Scott Cameron – Victoria, BC
  • Stephen Cheuk – Calgary, AB
  • Victoria Cook – Vancouver, BC
  • Anna Drewniak – Winnipeg, MB
  • Anne Ellis – Kingston, ON
  • Andrea Fong – Winnipeg, MB
  • Peter Ho – Winnipeg, MB
  • Manstein Kan, Burnaby, BC
  • Joel Liem – Windsor, ON
  • Kenneth Liew – Toronto, ON
  • Sara Leo – Vancouver, BC
  • Michael C. Lin – Edmonton, AB
  • Douglas Mack – Burlington, ON
  • Vaishaali Manga, London, ON
  • Anne Pham-Huy – Ottawa, ON
  • Tracy Pitt – Winnipeg, MB
  • Teresa Pun – Toronto, ON
  • Tamar Rubin – Edmonton, AB
  • Wadiwalla Shamim – Vancouver, BC
  • Michael Sorg – Kitchener, ON
  • Collin Rudy Terpstra – Waterloo, ON
  • Bahar Torabi, Montreal, QC
  • Gina Tsai – Vancouver, BC
  • Tiffany Wong – Vancouver, BC
  • Elizabeth Yeboah, Hamilton, ON