A Celebration of Lives

“We cannot forget the stories of individuals who are no longer with us.”

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2005 –


She was a happy child. She loved art. Japreet’s condition was a complete mystery. With a family that had no history of serious medical issues, Japreet’s physical health was strange and scary. When she was eight, she was suffering fevers three or four times a year. She caught pneumonia and was in and out of hospital. They discovered that Japreet

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Brooklyn Peters

2001 –


October 29, 2001 was the happiest day of my life. It was the birth of our beautiful daughter, Brooklyn. By two months of age, Brooklyn had a clear, runny nose but her doctor assured me there was nothing to worry about when she received her first immunization shot. Then there was a series of hospital admittance as Brooklyn took ill

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Braxton Andrew McGonigal

2013 –


Braxton Andrew McGonigal born June 25, 2013. Braxton was born healthy and happy just like every baby and at 5 months old he developed a skin rash so I asked his doctor to send us to a skin pediatric specialist. The doctor took one look at Braxton, and knew what it was. On December 10, 2013 we were admitted to