World PI Week: April 22-29, 2019 Raising Awareness, Diagnosis and Treatment of PI

Each year, World PI Week, held the last week of April, is a global campaign which aims to raise awareness and improve diagnosis and treatment of Primary Immunodeficiency (PI). Explore the website to learn how you can make a difference and ultimately improve the quality of life of people with PI world-wide.

Join the global movement, learn, educate and share #MyPIStory on our social media or email it to us at

You can learn PI factssign the awareness petition or download

Flu Shot

Immunodeficiency Canada endorses Health Canada recommendation to get a flu shot.

The flu shot is your best defence against the flu. It can save lives by protecting you, if you are exposed to the virus, preventing you from getting very sick and most importantly helping protect the ones you love by being less likely to spread the virus.

Where to get your flu shot

6th sCID Satellite Symposium

Immunodeficiency Canada’s 6th sCID Satellite Symposium took place on September 13 in Halifax, Nova Scotia at the annual CSACI scientific meeting.

Followed by fellows who presented abstracts in lightning talks.

Featured speakers

Julia Upton, Toronto Hospital for Sick Children starts the first presentation

L-R Wallace Wee 2nd Place Abstract Winner, Chaim Roifman, Chair Immunodeficiency Canada, Stephanie Erdle, 3rd Place Abstract Winner, (Amarilla Mandola not pictured, 1st Place Abstract Winner)

Thomas Issekutz, IWK Health Network presents

Immunoglobulin Replacement Therapy Guidelines

Immunodeficiency Canada assembled a team of Immunologists from across Canada’s diagnosis and treatment centers to develop guidelines for Immunoglobulin Replacement Therapy. With their experience and knowledge this team produced guidelines published in the Lymphosign Medical Journal, September 2017.  It is now the standard for diagnostic and treatment centres of Primary Immunodeficiency across Canada.

“Immunodeficiency Canada has a direct impact in the care and treatment of patients with Primary Immunodeficiency.  Through our network of Immunologists, we brought the expertise together to provide the best treatments for patients based on science.” 

Richard Thompson, CEO

National Immunoglobulin Replacement Expert Committee Guidelines

Family Day - Toronto Kids Event
2016 ImmunoCDA 5K
2016 Baden Cup
Ethan chats with Hon. Deb Matthews
Boy's Climb
Joy for Japreet
Participants at Alberta's Kids Picnic
Dr. Thomas Issekutz Dalhousie University
Julian's Journey - Charity Poker Tournament 2018
Family Day Toronto 2018
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